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About ResilienceNet

ResilienceNet provides the single, most comprehensive world-wide source of current, reviewed information about human resilience. The Web sites with resilience resources that are cited in ResilienceNet have been reviewed by a panel of experts according to a set of criteria for assuring the relevance and quality of the sites. If there is a Web site that you would like to submit for review by the ResilienceNet review panel for possible inclusion on ResilienceNet, please send a note with the name and URL of the site to ECAP. If you think that any site listed on ResilienceNet is no longer appropriate or of sufficient quality to be included, please inform ECAP.

Resilience is defined as the "human capacity and ability to face, overcome, be strengthened by, and even be transformed by experiences of adversity."

ResilienceNet brings together information available through the Internet and conventional published sources about the development and expression of human resilience. Although we endeavor to cover all aspects of resilience, ResilienceNet focuses on resilience in children, youth, and families. Additional topics, especially as they impact on children, youth, and families, are included as well, such as:

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